Insurance when you need it

Our on-demand rental insurance is first of a kind in the industry. You're protected year-round, even in slow seasons. You only pay for our $1 million liability coverage when your RVs are rolling.

No monthly insurance premiums

Your per-rental basis is calculated on a sliding scale of the base amount of the rental itself, (Example: on a $2500 rental, your insurance cost would be set at 2% of the base rental amount only). If your renter gets a binder through their own insurance provider, we waive all fees.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from satisfied and happy RV dealerships

"Wheelbase's insurance is hands down 100% unique and provides a major benefit to RV rental operators! Underwriters don't understand the RV rental business but Wheelbase does."

Matt W.
Basecamper Vans
Salt Lake City, UT

"I saved $2K the first month using Wheelbase! It was so much easier than I expected. There are no insurance premiums and I didn't have to chase down binders, saving me time and money!"

Harley S.
Peace Vans Rentals
Seattle, WA

"We lost thousands of dollars a month during the past ten years because we were not able to offer optional RV rental insurance to those renters who could not obtain a binder. Today, many insurance companies are no longer issuing binders at all. My only regret is that Wheelbase was not available years ago!"

Thomas F.
RV San Diego
San Diego, CA