Unlock unique insurance solutions

Not only does Wheelbase makes your daily operations easier, it also gives you seamless access to on-demand insurance services.

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Pay only for what you need

Wheelbase offers built-in episodic insurance during the rental period. We offer 3 Protection Package options with varying physical and liability coverage that your renters can choose from. Travelers can select the protection package that’s right for their trip, at a per day rate, and paid in full by them.

This means your rental insurance overhead cost goes down to $0 and can instead become an additional revenue stream. Not only does it give you the coverage you deserve for your fleet and your renters, you can also turn insurance into a new revenue stream for your business as you decide how much you or your renters pay for it.


The best insurance for your non rental period

Roamly offers RV insurance for outside of the rental dates and is specifically designed to protect your growing rental business without breaking the bank. In fact, some fleet owners tell us they’ve saved 40% on insurance by switching to Roamly’s commercial policy. Roamly tends to be less expensive because it only insures the time outside of the rentals. During the rental period your renters are already paying for insurance, so Roamly smartly charges less because it knows that you rent.

So between Roamly and Wheelbase Pro, you get all the coverage you need without paying for the insurance you don’t use.


Find out more about other services we offer

  • Roadside assistance

  • Trip insurance

  • Interior damage protection

  • e-signature

We partner with Coach-Net to offer your the best possible RSA offer

Coach-Net’s RV Vacation Care Package ensures you with peace-of-mind protection. Coverage includes unlimited:

  • Towing
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Battery Boost
  • Mobile Mechanic

As part of the program, you’ll be able to make calls into a 24/7 RV Technical Support Hotline to answer questions like “I’m only getting cold water in my shower, how do I fix it?”
Find out more here.

Offer more protection to your renters

Even the best-planned trips can be impacted by an unexpected event or unplanned interruption, illness, adverse weather or more.

Trip insurance allows your renter to recoup the investment they made in their trip. Not only do you offer great service to your renter, you’ll even receive an incentive when your renters adds Trip Insurance to their reservation.

Get your rigs secured for rental

This plan provides coverage should an insured renter cause accidental damage to your RV interior while it’s parked during their trip (walls and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys and re-keying costs…).

So you get your asset protected, prevent an unhappy customer who would normally lose all/part of their security deposit, and also an incentive each time your renters buy it.

It's time to get rid of your old printer

Electronic Signatures applies a renter’s signature to the electronic reservation receipt and any attached documents so you can save precious time during key exchange getting rid of some of the usual paperwork.