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Distribution and visibility are key for your business. Wheelbase synchronizes your listings, pricing and availability in real time with Outdoorsy so you can benefit from external leads without even thinking about it.

A motorhome marketplace for consumers and pros

Lots of people own motorhomes. Lots of people want to rent motorhomes. Outdoorsy is how they meet. Outdoorsy is the most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent motorhomes and campervans in the UK.

For professional motorhome rental companies, we launched Wheelbase for inventory management, business optimization, and soon the best insurance in the business.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration and leads

All Wheelbase users get their listings seamlessly synchronized and promoted on Outdoorsy. So no hassle to keep your calendar up to date and avoid duplicate bookings. Wheelbase does the job for you and makes sure you get maximum benefit from both your direct channels and Outdoorsy leads.

Global footprint

Outdoorsy and Wheelbase currently have operations in US, Canada, Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand. The Wheelbase community is at the forefront of our international expansion and is excited about the opportunity to get a global exposure thanks to the growing footprint of Outdoorsy marketplace.

Global footprint

"Outdoorsy is the only peer-to-peer RV rental website we list on. Wheelbase Pro and Outdoorsy is the right combination to be a very successful RV rental dealer!"

Bob W.
Family Fun RV Rental • Michigan