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Over 1,000 rental businesses are growing with Wheelbase

These companies are already streamlining their operations through Wheelbase

Quirky Campers
Quirky Campers David • UK
"We moved from our self-built bookings system to Wheelbase in early 2020 and it was such a huge improvement. It is purpose-built for our industry. Wheelbase has enabled me and the team to focus on providing a great service to our customers."
Southampton Campers
Southampton Campers Darryl • UK
"I’ve been using Wheelbase for roughly three years now and have been very satisfied with the product. It’s reduced our admin time and crucially makes the handling of all the payments completely hands-off with its automated payment system for deposits, balancing payments and security deposits."
Go Explore Scotland
Go Explore Scotland Gillian • Scotland
"We joined WheelbasePro in February 2019 and we haven’t looked back. The booking system meets all of our demanding needs. We have appreciated the support between the easy to navigate self-help and the agents that are always keen to help. The system is continually being developed and we are delighted to be using WheelbasePro and part of its network."

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