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Wheelbase comes with off-the-shelf insurance products for your rental period while Roamly covers your assets during off-rental periods.

Episodic insurance

Wheelbase Pro offers built-in episodic insurance during the rental period. We offer 3 Protection Package options with varying physical and liability coverage that your renters can choose from. Travelers can select the protection package that’s right for their trip, at a per day rate, and paid in full by them.

This means your rental insurance overhead cost goes down to $0 and can instead become an additional revenue stream. Not only does it give you the coverage you deserve for your fleet and your renters, you can also turn insurance into a new revenue stream for your business as you decide how much you or your renters pay for it.


"We lost thousands of dollars a month during the past ten years because we were not able to offer optional RV rental insurance to those renters who could not obtain a binder. Today, many insurance companies are no longer issuing binders at all. My only regret is that Wheelbase was not available years ago!"

Tom F.
Tom F.
RV San Diego • San Diego, CA