Write a Phone Script for Your RV Rental Company

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Writing a script for the person answering your calls is a great, easy way to make life easier for everyone on your RV rental company team. Here are some reasons why, and how you can go about creating your own script.


While uniformity sounds a little bit dull, it is important in handling your sales and service enquiries. A uniform script builds brand awareness, and ensures that people know what service to expect. It gives the impression of a polished business, that takes pride in every facet, right down to the simple phone call. A standard greeting and signing off should form the foundations of your script template. Decide on how to address your client. Madam or sir might work, but if that is too formal, you could ask for their first name, and use it throughout the conversation.

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While queries will vary, it is good to have a standardized script for general customer RV rental queries. It’s the best way to offer potential renters exactly what they want and need, without missing any vital information. Here’s a good example of an opening:

“Thank you for calling [Name of Company].” No matter what the customer says, the response is: “Great, I’d be happy to help you with that.” And then you create a set of questions for the customer support team member to ask the customer. Questions should cover topics like budget, length of trip, number of people, and preferred destinations. Create a template with the opening and the required questions, then print it off for everyone in the office. That way no one misses out on offering the best service and advice to the customer.


After you’ve created the first pass at the script, get your staff together and brainstorm potential questions that clients ask. This is a great opportunity to squeeze out areas that may need training. It also gives you lots to work with when creating the ultimate phone script.


A phone script is a great aid in confidence building for your staff. When new employees start, it can be nerve wrecking to feel unprepared when a customer calls. A script helps onboard new team members and offers a great guideline for how a call should travel. When your staff sounds more confident in the information that they are delivering, it makes your client feel more confident in their purchasing decision.

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