Earn Additional Revenue on Roadside Assistance

Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about RV drop off and pick up customization be vehicle. This week we’ve given you the ability to earn additional revenue on roadside assistance by adding Coach-Net services to your daily fees.

Add Coach-Net to Daily Rental Fees


You can now add Coach-Net’s unparalleled roadside assistance package to rentals for a daily fee. This will allow you to earn additional revenue both on roadside assistance and on the time saved trying to troubleshoot renter problems like key lockout, flat tires, or slide-out malfunctioning.

Add Tiered Pricing to Vehicles Under Seasonal Pricing

To add tiered pricing to the vehicles you have under seasonal rates, click the Prices tab, then scroll to Season Rates. Under Pricing Options click the “Use Advanced Pricing” link, and your tiered pricing customization panel will open.

Learning More About What Your Renters Need and Want

Starting this week, we’re tracking what your renters are looking for within the iframe page so that moving forward we will be able to build better, more useful reports for you. Look to more on this as it develops over upcoming weeks.

Bugs Fixes and Improvements Made

  • We now show license issues at the end of checkout flow so that we don’t interrupt renters as they’re completing their reservation.
  • Fixed a bug where quotes/pricing were lagging as you created your quotes.
  • Fixed a bug that kept embedded store checkouts from being properly sized on page load.

fleet management

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