Teaching Your RV Rental Company Employees to Close the Deal

Teaching your new RV rental company employees to close your rental deals should be part of your onboarding process. Some of your employees may feel like sales is a dirty word, but if you focus on your service, the sale will come naturally. Here are a couple of tips to offer to employees who will be booking RV rentals for you.

Treat every customer as a potential sale

Even if the customer says they are only inquiring, it is important that you think of them as a potential sale. This requires giving them the same service and advice that you would any other buyer. This can potentially lead them from the inquiry to purchase stage.

Ask questions, then listen carefully to the answers

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Learn to communicate effectively and listen to your customer’s needs. Ask clear open questions to ascertain what exactly they are looking for, and offer them an RV in line with their budget requirement and trip expectations. Sales people often get it wrong through ineffective listening, for example offering a product out of their customer’s budget. Say less and listen more.

Follow Up

Potential deals are often lost through lack of follow up. Ensure that you obtain email addresses or contact details so that you can follow up with the potential renter. Schedule a call in your calendar to show your customer that you haven’t forgotten them. If they were making an inquiry to start with, this is a good opportunity to ascertain if they have firmed up their booking dates or if they were happy with your quotes.

In for the Kill

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It is more than OK to ask the direct question. You need to know if the person on the phone is ready to book their rental. The question can be asked in a polite manner. For example: “Shall I book those dates for you today, Sir/Ma’am?” This approach is non-threatening for your client and allows them opportunity to decline if they wish.

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