New! Customize Your RV Drop off and Pick up Days

RV drop off

Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about the checkout experience, from settings to questions to improved conversion rates. This week we cover RV drop off and pick up customization, limited views for basic users, and more.

Set Drop Off and Pick Days by Location

You can now choose when you want renters to pick up their vehicles and drop them off. To set the times you or your team are available for drop offs and pick ups, go to Account Settings, then Store Locations, then Edit.

RV Drop off

Once you’ve clicked Edit, choose and set your RV pick up and drop off days and times.

RV Drop off

Limited Views for Basic Users 

You can now add employees to your account as basic users.

RV Drop off

Once set, basic level employees will have no access to financial reports and won’t be able to make changes to any account settings.

Sort Vehicles within Class

You can now sort your vehicles to better feature the RVs you want renters to see on your site. Sorting appears under your vehicle’s details page. Add the number for the position desired.

New Vehicle Fields

We added the new vehicle fields you needed including: number of seat belts, sizes of beds (king/queen/twin/adults/kids sleeping), a summary and highlights field to give you an easy description of the rig.

Bugs Fixes and Improvements Made

  • A renter’s phone number and destination is now required for them to check out.
  • Fixed issues affecting renters uploading their drivers license photos.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented quote creation on iPads.

fleet management

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