Getting Your RV Dealership Noticed Online

If you’re a new RV rental company owner, you work hard to get your business noticed. Maybe you blow balloons and put up banners to catch the attention of potential renters. You hire friendly, knowledgeable salespeople who are ready to help. You want to make your dealership the best, and you’re starting to see the results.

Going Places RV

Create Content for Your Customers

Getting noticed in the real world may be hard, but it’s a cinch compared to getting your RV dealership noticed online noticed. If you want find your target audience online, begin with the quality information you’re providing your visitors, and start with your areas of expertise.

  • A full list of your in-stock inventory.
  • Advice for renters including basic travel and RV how to’s.
  • Popular trip itineraries in your area for 3 days, 5 days, a week and a month.

Don’t Forget Google’s Needs

You can also use what’s called SEO, or search engine optimization techniques, to drive more people to your website. Writing for how people will search for your information, including using specific RV rental-related keywords, can help a great deal. These choices make it easier for searchers to find you, discover your dealership, and book a trip through your RV rental company.

Here are some keywords to bear in mind:

  • RV travel
  • RV rental
  • RV campgrounds
  • RV rental + your location

You can use Google Trends to help you figure out the keywords that work best for your specific content.

Google Trends

Keywords help potential customers find you. Even so, you should focus on creating great content and think of the keywords as a finishing touch. Keywords can help web surfers find you, but providing real useful content is what will keep them around. Too many business owners rely on trending keywords alone. They forget to back up that research will solid, well researched content.

One of the smartest things you can do is to design your website with your visitors in mind. These days building a successful website requires much more than just a couple online tools. But don’t let fear of the possibilities overwhelm you.  Wheelbase can also help. We can build you a customized website with business listings and customer reviews for your RV dealership, creating the online presence that will get results. Get in touch to let us know if you want more help with your site.

In the meantime, start thinking about your own areas of expertise. The more you share your knowledge, the more you’ll see new customers drawn to you.

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