Charge For Mileage Before The Trip Begins

Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about iPad/tablet support, sorting for add-ons, and personalization options. This week we’re releasing mileage estimates, mileage charging, and tiered pricing.

Mileage Estimates and Pre-Trip Mileage Charges

As part of the rental process, we now ask renters where they’re traveling to for their trip. We’ve added a mileage and generator calculator to all reservations to automatically let you know the estimated distance of the rental.

Thanks to this new mileage calculator, you’re now able to charge your renters for their mileage up front (as opposed to after the trip is over). You choose when you charge for mileage under “Checkout and Insurance” in account preferences.

With this change, your renters are able to receive more accurate quotes initially and you receive fewer follow-up questions about mileage charges.

Tiered Pricing

Wheelbase RV rental

Go to Prices tab under your vehicle.

Set your tiered pricing under Base Rates.

This is a feature we’ve wanted to bring to you for a while now, so it’s exciting that it’s here. You can now set your prices based on how long your rental will be (it’s also called advanced pricing in the software). It’s a great way to incentivize your renters to take a longer trip.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Made

  • View/manage customer payment methods
  • Fixed an issue with locations were sometimes not returning all relevant information
  • Automatic billing for insurance/roadside assistance fees

fleet management

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