This Week at Wheelbase

We’ve been pushing updates just about daily for the last two weeks, and wanted to take a quick moment to let you in on a few of the more important changes. Nearly all of these improvements were the result of user feedback, so thanks again to everyone reaching out to help make us better.  Keep it coming!

Calendar Improvements

The calendar got quite  bit of attention this week.  We’ve added the ability to manage vehicle availability, take reservations and record reservation notes without leaving the calendar. We also improved color coding a bit by fading out reservations that are checked out or returned from those that are still upcoming. Finally, we added an indicator to warn you when reservations overlap with your desired turn around time.

Manage Availability

Highlighting a range of days on the calendar will now pop up a new view that shows you a quick quote for that vehicle over the selected days.  From there, you can continue to customize your quote or mark the days as unavailable.  If you click on one of the red “Unavailable” markings, you’ll be able to mark the vehicle as available instead.



Creating New Quotes

In addition to managing availability, you can now start full quotes from the calendar interface as well.  Select the date range for your quote and add additional add-ons/fees.  You’ll get a full price breakdown and the ability to create your quote instantly.



Reservation Details & Notes

Clicking on a reservation will now give you a quick breakdown of the quote, payment due and reservation notes.  You can record new notes directly from the overview without having to click through to the full reservation.  you’re probably getting a bit dizzy from all the gifs, but here’s another!



Improved Coloring




We’ve changed the way reservations are displayed on the calendar a bit. Checked out and returned reservations are now faded out, upcoming reservations are darker and more prominent.  The previous colors were a bit noisy, we’re hoping this will let you focus on what’s important a bit better.

New Account Settings

In addition to the calendar changes, we’ve also added a few new account settings to help set better defaults for your renters.

Instant Bookings

Renters can now reserve vehicles directly from your site without the need for approval or an extra back and forth.  Just enable instant book in your account reservation settings, and renters will be guided through a simple checkout process including add-ons, insurance verification and payment.  You’ll receive a confirmation email that the reservation has been completed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.18.39 PM

Turnaround Times

Many of you have been asking for the ability to set minimum turnaround times on your vehicles.  You can now set a minimum turn around time required between reservations.  You’ll be able to create reservations during the turnaround time, but renters won’t be able to request them from your site.  We’ve also added an indicator to the calendar to warn you about when a reservation may be an issue.


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.38.38 PM


Insurance Defaults

You can now set the default insurance selection for new reservations. This is a great way to default to a waived status if you work with mostly binders.  We highly suggest leaving this set to “normal”, but it’s there if you need it

Improved Checkout Process


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.45.06 PM


We pushed a substantial update to the checkout process for your renters.  Renters are now given the opportunity to select addons for their reservation, and are then walked through an easy to use checkout process including insurance verification and payment details.

Other Changes & Improvements

  • [IMPROVED] Added a 3 month view to the reservation calendar, some of you are WAY more into planning than we thought
  • [IMPROVED] Vehicles can now be edited directly from the details tab
  • [IMPROVED] Added debit/credit/renter lines to the transactions export functionality
  • [IMPROVED] Sped up the transaction export function dramatically
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to upload a license photo on behalf of your renters
  • [FIX] Checkout page for renters no longer shows the default airstream image before loading your company image
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where account settings weren’t being honored, sorry about this one folks
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where day/night settings weren’t being shown correctly on rental pages
  • [FIX] Made it easier to see that a reservation has expired and is no longer available to renters on the checkout page
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We’ve been hard at work on some improvements to the way taxes are handled in the app, and we’re super excited to get the improvements released to you today.  Many users live in states that require different tax rates based on vehicle type or rental add-on type.  Previously, in order to handle this you’d need to build your tax rates into your final pricing.  Not a great experience for you, your renters or your tax accountants (sorry tax accountants).  Now, you’ll have the ability to define as many tax rates as you need and assign them to rentals or add-ons.  Your account also provides an option for a default tax rate applied across your entire account (This can be overwritten on any rental).

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.20.55 AM

Creating new tax rates

To create new tax rates, open up your dashboard, click on your account settings and then select “Tax Rates”.  Here you’ll be able to define new tax rates and select your default if you’d like.

Adding tax rates to vehicles & add-ons

To set your tax rates for specific vehicles or add-ons, you’ll need to open up your add-ons section, select the add-on you’d like to apply a tax for and choose the desired tax rate.  The same can be done for vehicles on the vehicle rates page where you set your pricing.

Improve transaction & deposit reporting

In addition to tax rates, we also worked closely with several of you to better design our transaction reports for fee transparency and accounting.  You’ll now find a breakdown of your fees by credit card fees, renter fees and insurance fees.  Take a look and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – we’d be happy to hop on a call and walk you through your fee breakdown.  Lots more improvements coming here, including the ability to export your transactions to build your own reports.

We’ve also added the ability to see when transactions will be deposited into your account.  We’ve always shown dates after the fact, but now you’ll see scheduled deposits as well.  Note that this will be on future transactions only – transactions currently making their way to your accounts will not show scheduled deposit dates.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.24.45 AM

Small Changes & Fixes

  • [IMPROVED] Added change to the receipt printouts
  • [IMPROVED] Added a 3 month view to your rental calendar
  • [IMPROVED] Loading rentals is now significantly quicker
  • [IMPROVED] You can now edit vehicle information/descriptions on the details page
  • [IMPROVED] Made the reservation edit layout a bit easier to follow/understand
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where attachments would sometimes not correctly attach to messages
  • [FIX] Correctly remove cc fee from total fees.  This made it look like we were charging much more than we really were in some cases. We were just testing to see if you’d notice…you did.
  • [FIX] Transaction deposit reports can now be correctly filtered by deposit date (So sorry to those of you who reported this one, it took us a bit to realize what was going on)
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where sometimes you weren’t able to hold security deposits past 7 days
  • [FIX] Improved how we deliver emails so your renters receive better information faster
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where season pricing wouldn’t always calculate correctly on yearly-repeating seasons
  • [FIX] Resolved a few minor interface issues when working with seasons
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Seasonal/Event pricing has been available in the system for a while now, but the process was cumbersome and required users to edit each vehicle individually.  We’re super excited to announce that you can now manage all of your seasonal pricing from one place in the dashboard.

When you open up the seasons page, you’ll notice that you can now edit all of your base pricing in one place. These are the same price settings you’ve always had in each rental, just a bit easier to get to now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.37.42 PM

How Seasons Work

Seasons are created with a percentage price increase or decrease from your base pricing.  For example, if an RV is listed for $100/day, and you’ve set your season to 120%, the new rate during that season will be $120/day.  You can override the season pricing at any time for each vehicle, allowing you to set them to anything you’d like.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.36.09 PM

On the main seasons page, you’ll see the price adjustment for each season, as well as a count of any custom overrides you’ve created.

Editing & Creating Seasons

To edit a season, click on the “Edit” button next to its description.  Once there, you’ll see the following options for each season:

  • Season Name – Visible to renters on shopping pages, so make it memorable
  • Dates – The dates that the season prices should be in effect for
  • Repeat Options – Indicate if this season is just the once or should repeat each year
  • Minimum Rental Length – The minimum rental allowed during this period.  As always, shorter rentals ARE allowed, but they’ll be charged the minimum length with a note telling the renter why the rate is higher than expected.
  • Price Change – A percentage-based change to each of your rental prices.  For example, if the RV is $100/day, and you enter 80%, the rental will be $80/day during that season.  You can override prices at any time for each vehicle below.  If you don’t want any automatic price changes, just set the price adjustment to 100%.

Below the basic options, you’ll find a section to override the season pricing for each vehicle specifically.  We’ve included some useful information on utilization rates for the season as well as for each vehicle, allowing you to more easily adjust prices based on remaining availability.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.36.44 PM

In addition to the overview pages, you can also edit seasonal pricing on vehicle pages as well.  It’s a pretty similar interface, just a bit streamlined.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.37.12 PM

Improved Quoting

Seasons are pretty awesome, but we also managed to squeeze in some great changes to the quoting interface as well.   We’ve added the ability to customize quotes and view final pricing BEFORE you need any contact information from your potential renters.  This was a pretty big pain point for some of you, and we’re sorry it took so long to get this knocked out.  We’ve also added the ability to search for renters instead of having to remember all of their information each time.



Small Changes & Fixes

  • [Improved] We improved the way we handle failed payments, allowing renters to fix the issue before they arrive in your office!
  • [Improved] Messages are now sorted by most recently received, like they always shoulda been.  Sorry about that!
  • [Improved] We no longer merge users automatically based on email address.  Instead, we’ll let you know that user already exists and encourage you to search for them using the new search feature on quotes
  • [Improved] We improved the way we collect information on transactions. You’ll see the benefit of this soon in newer reporting features
  • [Change] We’ve removed the ability to edit renter contact info directly on a reservation.  It was a bit confusing because many users didn’t realize you were actually editing the renters info on all of their reservations.  Instead, now you have the option of changing the renter directly.  If you want to edit info, you’ll need to click “View Profile” and then “Edit”
  • [Fix] Some reports were having issues with the first page load not using dates correctly.  All fixed!
  • [Fix] Inbox zero is great, Inbox -1 not so much.  No more negative numbers for messages.
  • [Fix] “Invalid” isn’t a real birthday, so we’ve stopped pretending it is…
  • [Fix] Fixed a rare issue where driver check upload links weren’t working correctly.
  • [Fix] On first filter we wouldn’t always show unavailable RVs on the quote page.  Now we do!


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We’ve been focused on improving the usability and stability of the platform over the last few weeks, but that didn’t stop us from sneaking in a few features for you.

Improved Reservation Lists


Long time users will recall when we used to have a massive list of reservations here with already returned ones at the top.  It was pretty useless, so we fixed it.  The main screen now shows upcoming and current reservations, with tabs to jump to cancelled or returned ones.  Using the filters on the right will automatically search all reservations for you.

Automated Rental Contracts & Insurance Binder Request Forms

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.32.41 AM

This was a frequently requested feature.  We’ve rolled out insurance binder request forms directly into the booking pages.  You can now send your renters a request form pre-filled with all of your vehicle and reservation information.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • [New] Huge changes to the renter checkout process.  We now allow renters to fix failed payment issues, apply for insurance at any time, add additional drivers and more.
  • [New] Renters are now given the opportunity to pay for their trips and/or security deposits before they arrive at your office
  • [New] Automated international drivers checks are now available.  We’ll contact your renter requesting a copy of their passport/drivers license to process.  You also have the option of uploading these on your own
  • [Improved] You can now change the renter on a reservation at any time. Previously you could only edit existing renter’s contact information.  This lead to some confusion and data problems.
  • [Improved] Quote page is cleaner and only shows relevant quotes now
  • [Improved] Improved our license matching abilities to get your renters approved for insurance more quickly
  • [Improved] Reservations initiated on the dealer side no longer are registered as “new” in the sidebar
  • [Improved] You can now jump to any date you want on the reservation calendar
  • [Improved] Email notifications for dealers have been changed.  You’ll now only get emails from us for new reservation requests or when a payment has been received
  • [Improved] We had some annoying cacheing issues reported where revised reservtions wouldn’t be updated until a reload.  We’ve tracked as many of these down as we could and squashed them.  Please let us know if you encounter any more issues
  • [Improved] Printed quotes now include the reservation number and more rental information
  • [Fixed] Some screens/emails would show the security deposit as due 2 days before pickup when it wasn’t
  • [Fixed] The help chat bubble would sometimes block reservations on your calendar.  No more!
  • [Fixed] Saving notes on a reservation would sometimes error out – no more
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue where the security deposit status would sometimes get stuck on “Waived”
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue where reports would load all transactions regardless of dates selected
  • [Fixed] You can now enter partial miles/hours for mileage and generator tracking
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Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes we pushed this week. We push updates every day, largely thanks to the awesome feedback & support we get from all of you. Keep it coming!

Improved Quoting System

We’ve been working on an improved quoting system based on your feedback. We’re pretty happy with what we came up with, and we hope you will too. This is very much a work in progress, so please send all your feedback and comments to the chat icon in the lower right — we’d love to chat with you! Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see:

  • Vehicle Summaries — Know important details like vehicle type, weight, amperage and length without having to leave the quote screen.
  • Automatic price quotes — All vehicles now include a quick price breakdown. You’ll see a subtotal, taxes, insurance fee and total for the dates selected. That means no more having to collect contact information just to give a quick quote.
  • Same Day Pickup/Drop off Warning — We’ll let you know if the selected dates have any existing reservations scheduled before or after. Red means it’s within 1–2 days, yellow means within 4 days, Green means plenty of time.
  • Utilization Stats — We’ll let you know the utilization of each vehicle for the selected month as well as year. This is a great way to optimize your fleet usage and maximize income for your consigned owners.
  • Smart Sorting — Quotes are automatically sorted by the best available options. We’ll prioritize vehicles with lower utilization rates during the requested time frame to maximize fleet utilization and help avoid maintenance issues from overbooked vehicles. We’ll also help you avoid overbooking by pushing down vehicles with other reservations within close proximity to your dates. You also have the option to sort by price as well.
  • Vehicle Filtering — Select vehicle type, desired lengths and price range to help narrow down the options for your renters.

The first thing you’ll notice is that all quotes now include automatic pricing for all your vehicles up front. That means you won’t have to collect any renter information to give a quick quote. Next, you’ll notice some helpful indicators along the bottom of each vehicle. We’ll let you know if there are any other reservations before or after your selected dates for that rental.

Employee Drivers

One of the great aspects of the Outdoorsy insurance policy is that it authorized employees to deliver vehicles during qualifying reservations as well. The only requirement is that delivery drivers pass the same quick DMV check your renters take when completing a reservation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t super easy to get done previously. We’ve added a section to your account settings to let you qualify employee drivers for delivery coverage. To get to it, click the gear icon on your sidebar and then click “Verified Delivery Drivers”

Unread Quotes and Messages Indicators

We’re working on improving the accessibility of quotes and messages in the dashboard. As a first step in that direction, we’ve added unread indicators to the sidebar to let you know you’ve got new quotes to review. Lots of changes coming here in the next week or so that we’re excited to share.

Unread indicators

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • IMPROVED — Added color labels and improved printing styles on morning report
  • IMPROVED — Morning report now shows the next departure date so you can prioritize rental checkins
  • IMPROVED — Mobile formatting on all tables. Still not 100% mobile, still working on it 😀
  • IMPROVED — Global search now lets you search by reservation and vehicle IDs
  • IMPROVED — Updated the driving check date formatting to mitigate data entry issues, failures have dropped as a result meaning we can approve your renters more quickly!
  • IMPROVED — We now include your website on all outgoing quotes
  • IMPROVED — Security deposit text has been updated to explain the charge as well as let renters know when it’ll take place.
  • FIX — Emails weren’t always being delivered on imported reservations. Thanks to those of you who helped us track this one down.
  • FIX — Changing the vehicle on a reservation wasn’t updating the insurance status to match. Now it does, which is great!
  • FIX — 100% payment up front wasn’t calculating correctly on the quote breakdown.
  • FIX — Reservation security deposit and remainder payments were being scheduled in UTC time, which worked well for the 0 customers who live in UTC time…sorry about that.
  • FIX — Low season dates weren’t always changeable on new vehicles. All fixed.
  • FIX — Expired quotes wouldn’t always update immediately in our search cache. Now they do (lots more changes/improvements coming here based on your awesome feedback)
  • FIX — If you change the security deposit to “Pay on pickup” after a reservation is confirmed, we’ll now cancel the scheduled security deposit transaction automatically
  • FIX — Check in/out mileage wouldn’t always record correctly. This has been resolved. Apologies to those of you who were impacted by this.

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It’s been a bit since our last dev update, mostly because we’ve been hard at work on some exciting new features and also knocking out several nagging issues reported by our users. You’ve all been awesome at helping us locate issues and find solutions. We can’t thank you enough!

First and foremost, we’ve released a large update to the way we handle insured drivers on your reservations. Instead of performing driving checks on each customer individually, you now have the option of adding multiple drivers to each customer & each reservation.

Along the right hand side you’ll see the new “Verified Drivers” status

After you’ve created a quote, you’ll see a new status along the right hand side labeled “Verified Drivers”. That’ll be your go to place to see how many drivers have been approved for the reservation.

Here’s where you’ll see verified an unverified drivers as you add them

To see more information, including a breakdown of approved drivers and reasons for unapproved drivers, you can open up the “Verified Drivers” tab right next to “Transactions”.

Similar information can be found inside the customer’s profile page as well. There’s no need to re-approve drivers for future bookings. Once they’ve been verified, they can rent from you anytime for the next 6 months without re-verifying.

Adjusting dates, vehicles and pricing on existing reservations

Some of you are going to consider this a bugfix, others won’t. There’s been a lot of back and forth on this one, and we think we’ve found a solution you’ll all like. Previously, whenever you’d adjust the dates or vehicle for a reservation, we would not update prices for you. Some users had requested the system perform this way to provide the most flexibility over pricing — but others felt that it made the system untrustworthy. In the end, we decided to let you decide if you’d like to keep existing prices or let the system update them for you. Below is a quick gif on how it works

Notifications & Important Events

Previously, the only place to get information on recent events like new reservation requests or updated quotes was on your dashboard homepage. We’ve added a site-wide notification widget so you’ll always know if there’s anything that needs your attention

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [Update] Improved the reservation calendar with new colors for delivery (a handsome purple) and pickup (a dashing green). Also added more information on the status of each rental
  • [Update] Made the dashboard more mobile friendly. Not 100% there yet, but we’re working on it!
  • [Update] Drastically simplified the renter checkout process on emailed quotes.
  • [Change] Improved the edit pages for reservations, including making insurance more prominent and clearing up some confusion around rental totals and addons
  • [Change] Added rv type/length ordering to the vehicle & calendar pages
  • [Change] Made it more clear why drivers sometimes fail verifications, particularly if they are under the approved age (25)
  • [Change] Made it easier to apply for insurance on all your vehicles by adding more locations to get it done.
  • [Change] Removed quotes you created from the notification widget. We’ll only show you an alert for renter-requested quotes now
  • [Bugfix] Addressed an issue where birthdays weren’t being saved correctly
  • [Bugfix] Addressed some issues with the search interface not performing queries all the time
  • [Bugfix] Some rental types would display as just “RV” on the calendar. No more.
  • [Bugfix] We had some caching issues with our search index that several of you helped us track down. Thanks so much for that!
  • [Bugfix] There was an issue where sometimes a reservation charge wouldn’t complete correctly. All fixed.

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We’re hard at work on some really exciting features that should hit this week, but in the meantime managed to get a few smaller updates out this week. First, you’ll now notice the ability to set pickup and dropoff times on your reservations. You can edit these on a per-booking basis, but we suggest you set some default times in your account settings.

Also out this week is an updated morning pickup report. The report is now broken out by days and includes useful information like addons for pickups and the next scheduled reservation for arrivals. We hope this helps you prioritize your checkins better.

Small Changes & Bugfixes

  • [Update] We’re super excited to announce that we now have automated instant driving checks covering the entire US. Previously, Washington checks required some additional work from both renters and our team.
  • [Bugfix] Approving a reservation on dates that have multiple quotes will now correctly expire the conflicting quotes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where some conversations would mistakenly show that the user had only expired quotes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some nagging issues around making unavailable days available again.
  • [Bugfix] Filters will now correctly clear date files when you click the “clear” button
  • [Bugfix] Front dashboard page will now show all of our departing/returning reservations for each day correctly
  • [Change] We’ve added a link to the correct claim form to your insurance tab

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This week we pushed some new reporting features, most notably a utilization report that shows how your fleet is being utilized across any date range. Checkout the screenshot below

Also released this week is the ability to create reservations that begin the same day as a previous reservation ends. We don’t know how you super-humans manage to flip an RV in just a few hours, but evidently some of you do, and who are we to stop you?

Small Changes & Bugfixes

  • [Update] Transaction report now includes booking IDs and renter names
  • [Update] Customers using our custom websites now have improved quote calendars with accurate availability
  • [Update] Added reservation contracts and files to your renter’s checkout page
  • [Change] We’ve improved reservation deposits to make sure that cancellation policies are always honored
  • [Bugfix] Resend quote button wasn’t always working — sorry about that folks!
  • [Bugfix] Archived conversations caused some issues on renter profile pages — but no more
  • [Bugfix] Renter credits are now accurately displayed in quotes and checkout forms
  • [Bugfix] We’ve addressed some nagging issues with reservations that were taken late at night not showing up on the same day. This one haunted us for a bit, so thanks to everyone who helped track it down
  • [Bugfix] Calendars now display accurate dates at all times
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where sometimes the charts wouldn’t display on reports

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This week was mostly focused on cleaning up several issues and making improvements to emails — but we did manage to sneak in the start of our consigned vehicles support.

Consigned Vehicles

A lot of our larger users manage rentals on behalf of private owners. It’s a great arrangement, but requires some unique reporting and tracking features to make sure your private owners are kept up to date on their vehicles usage. We’re hard at work on some robust reporting for consigned vehicles, but in the meantime we’ve rolled out an option that lets you set who the owner of a particular vehicle is.

For now, this is a great way to keep the contact information available for a vehicle’s owner at all times, but we’re working on custom reporting and owner reservations that’ll make managing your consigned vehicles a breeze. Stay tuned!

Small Changes & Bugfixes

  • [Update] Emails are less annoying, but more useful. You’ll get alerts on new requests & messages, but no more pickup/dropoff notifications. Those were wicked annoying for users with more than a few RVs — Enjoy your clutter-free inbox.
  • [Update] Added support for GVWR, dry weight and amps on vehicles
  • [Update] Made reservations editable after pickup/dropoff. This was a huge hassle for some users, so thanks for hanging with us while we got it resolved!
  • [Update] Added support for archiving messages in the inbox
  • [Update] Improved the default sorting for vehicles, customers and reservations
  • [Update] We now show late arrivals/departures on the main dashboard
  • [Change] Rentals is now Vehicles, to make it more clear
  • [Change] Added support for Utility Trailers
  • [Bugfix] In some cases, phone numbers weren’t being stored for new customers. All fixed.
  • [Bugfix] Made it easier to upload license photos on new customers
  • [Bugfix] Some reservations would always report “Waiting for owner” on the quotes/reservations pages. This has been fixed — Thanks to everyone who helped us track this one down.
  • [Bugfix] Deleting RVs wasn’t removing the listing completely — Now they’re gone for good

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Wooooo boy, are we excited to announce this one. Today we’ve released two features we know you’re all going to love. First, we’ve added global search to the dashboard. At the top of every page, you’ll now see a “Search…” option next to your company name. Click it, enter in anything you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Find reservations, rentals or customers by name, rental, vehicle or anything else you’d like. No more trying to remember if a reservation is still a quote or not.

Next up is a large update to our reporting features. We’ve added two new report types we think you’ll love. First, the “End of day” report will allow you to look at your days activity (or any range of days for that matter) including payments, departures & returns.

We’ve also added a new report to give you an overview of all your reservations. This is a great way to view upcoming reservation income you can expect as well as view your average utilization by vehicle types. There’s some solid information in here, so we hope it’ll help you plan your year.

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [Update] Improved the filtering options on all search pages
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where driving checks would sometimes freeze and spin forever. We think some of you actually watched it overnight…we owe you a drink.

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