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Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about mileage estimates, mileage charging, and tiered pricing. This week you can add videos to your RV listings, plus see dates associated with your refunds.

Add Videos to Your RV Listings

Adding virtual tour and how-to videos can reduce your time on the phone and help you close the rental faster. Do you hear the same question about a certain RV over and over? Make a video and upload it to the listing page. You can point renters to the video and it can do the work for you.

Another way to get great videos for free is to search out manufacturer videos on Youtube. Even if you don’t have the bandwidth to create your own video, simply including a video like this can do sales legwork for you. Potential renters love seeing videos.

Here’s a Great Example From Winnebago

Bonus Feature

  • Dated Refunds. When you issue refunds, they’ll now be tagged with the date they hit the account in your logs.

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Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about iPad/tablet support, sorting for add-ons, and personalization options. This week we’re releasing mileage estimates, mileage charging, and tiered pricing.

Mileage Estimates and Pre-Trip Mileage Charges

As part of the rental process, we now ask renters where they’re traveling to for their trip. We’ve added a mileage and generator calculator to all reservations to automatically let you know the estimated distance of the rental.

Thanks to this new mileage calculator, you’re now able to charge your renters for their mileage up front (as opposed to after the trip is over). You choose when you charge for mileage under “Checkout and Insurance” in account preferences.

With this change, your renters are able to receive more accurate quotes initially and you receive fewer follow-up questions about mileage charges.

Tiered Pricing

Wheelbase RV rental

Go to Prices tab under your vehicle.

Set your tiered pricing under Base Rates.

This is a feature we’ve wanted to bring to you for a while now, so it’s exciting that it’s here. You can now set your prices based on how long your rental will be (it’s also called advanced pricing in the software). It’s a great way to incentivize your renters to take a longer trip.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Made

  • View/manage customer payment methods
  • Fixed an issue with locations were sometimes not returning all relevant information
  • Automatic billing for insurance/roadside assistance fees

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Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Out last update was about new payment support for checks, reservation export, and a whole lot more. This week we’re releasing iPad/tablet support, sorting for add-ons, and more personalization options.

iPad and Tablet Support for Reservations Calendar

Do you use an iPad or Tablet in order to run your RV business? You can now do all of your bookings on any touch-enhanced device.

Note: This gif was made on a desktop computer. Cursor won’t appear on your touch device.

Add-on Sorting

The more add-ons you offer, the harder it can be to find what you’re looking for. You can now set the add-on order renters see as they check out and prioritize what’s important to your business along the way.

Track Employee Changes

We’ve added employee tracking on bookings and in reservation reports. It will make it a lot easier to trace where changes happened and troubleshoot when something goes wrong with customer service.

Faster Quote Loading

We’ve significantly improved the loading times of quote creation on desktop and mobile devices. If you have a large fleet, you’ll especially appreciate this.

Dealer-Level Settings

 You can now decide if you’d like to require your renters to take the driving check as part of their checkout process (even if they haven’t accepted insurance and are getting their own binders). You can also now set your reservation deposit preferences by individual listing.

Bugs Fixed, Improvements Made

  • Improved invoices/receipts to include already completed payment information.
  • Improved insurance/roadside assistance selection options for renters when checking out.
  • Fixed several issues with how reports are generated that lead to missing data in some cases.

fleet management

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Wheelbase RV rental

Wheelbase makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Last week we told you about employee logins and edit tracking. This week we’re releasing new payment support for checks, reservation export, and a whole lot more.

Support for Paying by Check

wheelbasepro rv rental company

Wheelbase now supports an additional payment type: You can now input checks into the system with check number logging.

Reservations export to spreadsheet

Wheelbasepro RV rental software

If you need to export your reservations for any reason, you are now able to do that. The data is exported into a CSV file. It can then be used for running your own reports or accounting.

Calendar improvements

Wheelbase RV rental

You can now click the arrows to collapse a section or view your inventory by an internal ID that you’ve set on your vehicles.

More vehicle info to help your renters make the right decision, faster

wheelbasepro RV rental software

 You are now able to input the height, width, and length with hitch of your vehicle to help your renters figure out more quickly which vehicle is right for them.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where renters had problems adding drivers to their reservation.
  • Improved renter cancelation notice so you can handle refunds more easily.
  • The interface for quotes now honors the default insurance options, helping you know more clearly what the final cost will be for the renter.
  • Refunds will now automatically update so you’ll know when money was refunded successfully.
  • Insurance binder requests will no longer require a fax number.
  • For consigned vehicles, owners will no longer have to include a security deposits when they rent their own RV.
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Writing a script for the person answering your calls is a great, easy way to make life easier for everyone on your RV rental company team. Here are some reasons why, and how you can go about creating your own script.


While uniformity sounds a little bit dull, it is important in handling your sales and service enquiries. A uniform script builds brand awareness, and ensures that people know what service to expect. It gives the impression of a polished business, that takes pride in every facet, right down to the simple phone call. A standard greeting and signing off should form the foundations of your script template. Decide on how to address your client. Madam or sir might work, but if that is too formal, you could ask for their first name, and use it throughout the conversation.

phone script

Photo by Joi Ito


While queries will vary, it is good to have a standardized script for general customer RV rental queries. It’s the best way to offer potential renters exactly what they want and need, without missing any vital information. Here’s a good example of an opening:

“Thank you for calling [Name of Company].” No matter what the customer says, the response is: “Great, I’d be happy to help you with that.” And then you create a set of questions for the customer support team member to ask the customer. Questions should cover topics like budget, length of trip, number of people, and preferred destinations. Create a template with the opening and the required questions, then print it off for everyone in the office. That way no one misses out on offering the best service and advice to the customer.


After you’ve created the first pass at the script, get your staff together and brainstorm potential questions that clients ask. This is a great opportunity to squeeze out areas that may need training. It also gives you lots to work with when creating the ultimate phone script.


A phone script is a great aid in confidence building for your staff. When new employees start, it can be nerve wrecking to feel unprepared when a customer calls. A script helps onboard new team members and offers a great guideline for how a call should travel. When your staff sounds more confident in the information that they are delivering, it makes your client feel more confident in their purchasing decision.

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We’re here to make your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Last week we told you about drag and drop calendars and more. This week we’re releasing employee logins (to let you see who took what action in the software), more support for dealers with numerous locations, and a new quick navigation menu.

Employee Logins

You can know allow individual employees to log in to the Wheelbase system by creating a login for them. Start at the Employee & Users tab on the lefthand menu.Wheelbase rental software

Now that you’ve set up your employees in the system, you will be able to see who added notes, details, add-ons, and more.

Edit Tracking by Employee

Wheelbase rental software

And coming up…

The default setting for all employees is currently the same. They can do everything but change bank payout info or rules. But we’re working on adding more functionality to this area of the system to specify rules for what employees can and cannot do.

Improved location support to filter by an individual location

To add a new location into the system, choose store locations from the lefthand menu, then click the “Add new location” button.

Wheelbase rental softwareTo manage the calendar and settings of a specific location, go to your dropdown menu at the top of the page and select the location you’d like to focus on.

more coming soon including permissions: #1 Right now employees can do everything but edit the master account, meaning they can't change bank payout info or rules, we're working on adding the ability to specify what employees can and cannot do

Quick navigation added to the main navigation

In your main menu dropdown under your account, there’s now a quick navigation section with shortcuts listed under “Jump To” to save you time.

rv rental software Wheelbasepro

Internal ID support if you maintain your own Stock numbers

If you have multiple identical vehicles and you want to differentiate your stock, you can now  create internal IDs within the system to help keep your accounting clean. For example, if you use your own stock numbers you can refer to the vehicles consistantly both inside Wheelbase and when speaking with employees.

rv rental software wheelbase

  • Improvements
    • 15x speedup when loading your inbox messages.
    • Edit/change your own password & contact info on your profile.
  • Bug fix
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes the inbox wouldn’t show newest messages at the top.
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes booking charges would show as off by a penny.
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We want to make your life easier and your business more profitable. Last week we told you about add-ons by vehicle, easier consigned booking and more. This week we’re releasing enhancements to allow you to customize your checkout experience and to help you with your owner payouts.

Drag and Drop Calendar Reservations

You can now switch around reservations by clicking and dragging vehicles on your calendar to your desired dates.

Smoother, Easier Owner Payouts

We improved our owner payouts to make them as smooth and easy as possible. In the past, you’d be required to set up your payout settings per reservation.

wheelbasepro software fleet management

We now apply your payout settings automatically, so new payout reports will always be up-to-date with your newest settings.

Personalized Confirmation and Checkout Pages 

You can now add your logo and customize the background image used on your renter’s booking confirmation pages during checkout.

wheelbase software fleet management

Wheelbase software rv rental

Customized Insurance and Roadside Assistance Settings

If you enable this new setting in your dashboard, your renter will be able to select an insurance plan on checkout or provide their own binder. If you don’t enable it, your renter will not be able to select their own plan or opt out of insurance to provide their own binder.

wheelbase rv fleet management
This same functionality works for roadside assistance. If you enable the new setting, your renters can add roadside themselves or opt out of Coach-Net and add their own.

Easy Contact with Renter When Reservation is Cancelled

You can now notify your renter and explain your reasons when you need to cancel a reservation.

Wheelbase rv rental software


  • We’ve also made it possible for renters to enter their destination during checkout in order to auto-calculate your vehicle’s round trip distance. We then surface that information in your dashboard on the reservation.
  • We fixed an issue where the newest messages weren’t always showing up on the top of your inbox.

If you see any bugs in our software, please report them to Wheelbase Integrations Support Manager Eric Liddle. You can reach Eric by email or on the phone at 415-906-6046.

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At Wheelbase, our goal is to make your life easier and your business more profitable. Last week we told you about our incredible new partnership with Coach-Net. This week we’re releasing a series of software enhancements to help you manage your consigned vehicles, visualize your utilization by using an embeddable calendar, and process payments more quickly (using cash if desired).

Custom Add-Ons by Individual Vehicle

Up until now, you’ve only been able to apply add-ons to the vehicle type (Example: BBQ’s for all Class A’s). But with this change, you can now create add-ons on the individual vehicle level. (Example: A telescope on your 2016 Jayco Greyhawk 33).

rv dealership software

To create an add-on on an individual vehicle, click the vehicles tab, choose the vehicle you want to customize, and then click the Add-ons tab. From there, you can create your own add-on, pricing it as you go.

Easier Consigned Owner Reservations

In the past, you created a regular reservation with your owner’s information. But now you can navigate to their vehicle and create the reservation with the owner information automatically sync’ed. When that reservation appears on your calendar, it will be yellow.


Also in this release, on your consigned owner’s payouts page, we have now included connected bank information.

Embeddable Availability Calendar

To incorporate an availability calendar for your dealership’s website, get in touch with customer support, who can set it up.

RV dealership software

Improved dealer complete reservation

Minor improvements to the checkout flow for faster credit card processing.


Checkout vehicle info/photos

rv dealership software

Also in this release: Cash Security Deposits

You now have the option to collect your security deposit in cash. Keep track of all of your transactions in one easy place.

rv daelership software

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rv dealership software

Just two weeks ago, Wheelbase finalized a powerful new partnership with Coach-Net, the brand icon and industry-leader in 24/7 roadside assistance. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Coach-Net operates the highest quality roadside service serving motorhome renters through a vast network of 40,000 Service Providers and 15,000 Service locations in the U.S. and Canada.With the Wheelbase and Coach-Net partnership, both domestic and international renters from over 120 countries can enjoy 24/7 technical and emergency support with no contract or monthly payment required.

The Coach-Net RV Vacation Care Plan now offered within the Wheelbase software encompasses roadside assistance and much, much more.

What’s Included

Roadside Help

  • Unlimited Towing
  • Unlimited Lockout Assistance
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Emergency Fluids Delivery
  • Battery Boost
  • Mobile Mechanic for mechanical issues like broken slide-outs or pneumatic leveling jacks
  • RVs are serviced from within the system of 15,000 service location partners and 40,000 service provider partners in the US and Canada.

Unparalleled 24/7 Technical Phone Support Line

RVDA-trained technicians from major RV manufacturers ready to answer any question from “I’m only getting cold water in my shower, how do I fix it?” to:

  • How to get retracting slide rooms to work
  • How to use leveling jacks
  • How to operate my awning
  • How to connect my power
  • How to operate my RV appliances
  • How to find a service facility

Concierge Planning and Research Services 

Catered to RV travel needs, the Coach-net concierge helps renters on the go. From reserving a spot in an RV park to locating ATMs to making a reservation in a restaurant, this service is acts as a reliable pocket travel agent. The Coach-Net mobile app for iOS or Android makes help available with the click of one button.

Where to Find Roadside Assistance in Your Dashboard


Adding roadside assistance to a rental is as simple as tapping the “enable roadside assistance” button and then confirming the information that will populate the form.


All support calls are recorded. Recordings can be forwarded to you upon request.

Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving RV rentals

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We’ve pushed so many updates since our last product post that it’s nearly impossible to list them all. Instead, we’re sharing three of the most important recent improvements. We enhance our product directly as a result of user feedback. Thanks to everyone who helps us shape Wheelbase every day with your insight and experience. Keep your feedback coming!

Consigned Owner Support

With this change, we’ve made it even easier to manage your consigned fleet. You’ll no longer have to toil over paperwork to figure when and how much to pay your owners. You’ll be able to do everything through your Wheelbase dashboard with ease including:

  • Assign owner splits (as well as add on splits).
  • Manage and approve monthly statements.

fleet management

Here’s how it works:

Simply login to your Wheelbase dashboard, select a vehicle, and select Vehicle Owner.

From here, enter your owner’s profile details (including bank account information). This is where you’ll be able to create % splits for everything and generate the statements you need with the click of a button.

Print out statements as you need them or once a month to easily keep track of your consigned owner payouts and profits.

Customizable Checkout Questions

Need to know if a renter wants a vehicle delivered? Is this a special-case rental, like a big music festival, where specialized pricing might be involved? Would you like to know details about your renters’ pets?

Wheelbase now allows you to add customized questions to your personalized checkout flow so you can get the answers you need to all of your questions.rv rental software

How to set up your own questions today:

Click Account Settings in your Wheelbase dashboard. Select “Checkout Questions.”

This is where you enter your new questions. You’ll see your renters answers on your quote and on the righthand side of the reservation detail page.

Percentage based add-ons

Not all fees are based on flat rates. Sometimes you need to base your fees off the total amount of the booking, for example.

In the past this sort of add-on fee could be tricky. You’d have to figure out your % amount manually, then enter it. Then, if anything changed with your booking, you would need to re-calculate.

In our pursuit of giving you the simplest, easiest experience, we’ve removed the need for manual calculation. Simply specify your add-on to be either a % base or set charge.

fleet management

Here’s how it works:

Go to “Add Ons” in your dashboard. Select “Add new.” Under charge type select “Percentage based.” Enter your %. Hit save. You’re done!

You can, of course, edit any of your existing add-ons to switch to % base as well.

Finally…throw out your old dusty high school calculator.

fleet management

See you later, calculator!

fleet management

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