The Best Way to Onboard New RV Rental Company Employees

The most important part of bringing on new RV rental company employees is consistency: it’s crucial to do it the same way every time. Onboarding new team members in a uniform manner ensures all employees are consistent in their understanding of company values and objectives. Here are some good on how to approach effective onboarding for new RV rental company  staff.

Day One: Your Company Values, Shared Top Down

Each staff member should have a meet and greet with the company director on their first day. In this meeting, the company history and values should be outlined to the employee, along with the objectives for the future. This gives the employee a very clear picture of the expectations and allows them opportunity to ask questions on anything that they are not clear on.

Day Two: Shadowing Experienced Staffers

Shadowing an experienced RV rental company staff members on an employee’s first day is super beneficial. Again, it is giving a very clear picture of what is expected, but it also aids in defining how processes are to be completed in line with company policies. Such processes might include a script for how to answer the phone or greet renters in person, what value-adds staffers can include in client interactions, and how to identify opportunities to close a deal.

Day Three: Focus on the Product

RV Rental Company

Delivering a comprehensive overview of the RV rentals available, the brand and features are imperative in effective employee onboarding. Do not let your staff member show a renter around an RV until they’re confident in the product that they are sharing. There is nothing more off-putting than an unsure sales person, and it really depletes consumer confidence.

Beyond: Follow Up

Set some achievable goals with your new employee and schedule a follow-up date. This creates real landmarks for them to hit, and sets an early precedent. Perhaps you can implement some sort of reward system, so that it makes the goals more fun to work towards. Given you are in the RV business, a little trip to test the product for themselves, is sure to be a fabulous way to get new employees on board!

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