New! Ask Unique Checkout Questions For Each of Your Vehicles

Wheelbase RV software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. Our last update was about helpful videos for your RV listings. This week we cover the checkout experience, from settings to questions to improved conversion rates.


This week, we fine-tuned the checkout experience for your customers.

Checkout Question Settings

You can now make your checkout questions required (or leave them optional if you prefer).

Questions for Each RV

If you have a larger fleet made up of different types of vehicles, you can now add different questions on a per-vehicle level.

If you’re renting out trailers, you might want to ask, “What will you be towing this trailer with? Do you already have a brake controller?” For Class A’s, you might want to know what kind of experience a renter has with large vehicles. Now you can require they answer these questions in order to check out.

Checkout Flow to Improve Renter Conversion

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we moved trip questions before renter questions so your renters see the total price before we ask for contact info. We’ve found through user testing that this leads to higher conversion rates and more money in your pocket.


Example of what a Wheelbase booked reservation looks like.

You can now grab your Wheelbase calendar’s feed to add your reservation calendar into your phone (or other gcals, for example). You start by navigating to your profile, then finding your calendar feed.

Next, find the place where you would like to sync the calendar. Navigate to “Other calendars” on the lefthand side, click the small down arrow, and select “add by URL.” Paste the URL you copied from your profile in Wheelbase (example above) to sync.

You can now use your synced calendar on various devices as well as directly in your dashboard.

Bugs Fixes and Improvements Made

  • Fixed an issue so you can now read all your messages (only the first page had been available).
  • Fixed an issue to get mileage calculating properly on large mileage numbers.
  • Added vehicle export to CSV.

fleet management

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