The All-New Wheelbase Help Center Will Help You Grow Your Business

Wheelbase RV rental software makes your life easier and your RV rental business more profitable. In our last update, we showed you how to sell more add-ons using photos. This week, we are launching a long-awaited Wheelbase Help Center to help you find answers to your questions more quickly and independently. It’s a great training tool for new employees.

Introducing the All-New Wheelbase Help Center

We want you to have access to the answers you’re looking for the moment you need them. We’ve always prided ourselves on fast response times, but our goal is to make sure you never get stuck in a support queue. We don’t want you to lose purposeful time waiting for the Wheelbase support team when all you need is a refresher for simple tasks like how to issue a refund, for example. Search by task or keyword and be prompted with easy step-by-step articles including photos and 30 second videos.

How You Access the Help Center

In your dashboard, you can access the Help Center by clicking on your name, then on “Help & Support.”

If you prefer to bookmark a url, the direct path to Help Center is:

When you click into the Wheelbase chat bubble, you will also be prompted to check out the help center while you wait for a response to the question you’ve asked. You can check and see if the Wheelbase Help Center has a similar issue.

Training Materials for Your Staff

There is a section in the Help Center made with your staff in mind. When you have new employees, you can now save time on-boarding them by having them go through Wheelbase “training school” using these articles.

Always Evolving

The Wheelbase Help Center is still new and just getting started. We are covering the topics we get asked most frequently, and would love to hear from you with questions you want to have covered in-depth. Email Horst all of your burning questions.

You’ll also see this question at the end of every article:

If you choose the sad emoji, you will immediately be put into a chat with someone to help you (and turn that frown upside down). We’ll also immediately fix the article.

In Other News

Check out this great interview with Wheelbase CEO Jeff Cavins in RVBusiness!

For more ways to move your rental business forward go to and schedule a demo today.

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