May 2016

It’s been a bit since our last dev update, mostly because we’ve been hard at work on some exciting new features and also knocking out several nagging issues reported by our users. You’ve all been awesome at helping us locate issues and find solutions. We can’t thank you enough!

First and foremost, we’ve released a large update to the way we handle insured drivers on your reservations. Instead of performing driving checks on each customer individually, you now have the option of adding multiple drivers to each customer & each reservation.

Along the right hand side you’ll see the new “Verified Drivers” status

After you’ve created a quote, you’ll see a new status along the right hand side labeled “Verified Drivers”. That’ll be your go to place to see how many drivers have been approved for the reservation.

Here’s where you’ll see verified an unverified drivers as you add them

To see more information, including a breakdown of approved drivers and reasons for unapproved drivers, you can open up the “Verified Drivers” tab right next to “Transactions”.

Similar information can be found inside the customer’s profile page as well. There’s no need to re-approve drivers for future bookings. Once they’ve been verified, they can rent from you anytime for the next 6 months without re-verifying.

Adjusting dates, vehicles and pricing on existing reservations

Some of you are going to consider this a bugfix, others won’t. There’s been a lot of back and forth on this one, and we think we’ve found a solution you’ll all like. Previously, whenever you’d adjust the dates or vehicle for a reservation, we would not update prices for you. Some users had requested the system perform this way to provide the most flexibility over pricing — but others felt that it made the system untrustworthy. In the end, we decided to let you decide if you’d like to keep existing prices or let the system update them for you. Below is a quick gif on how it works

Notifications & Important Events

Previously, the only place to get information on recent events like new reservation requests or updated quotes was on your dashboard homepage. We’ve added a site-wide notification widget so you’ll always know if there’s anything that needs your attention

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [Update] Improved the reservation calendar with new colors for delivery (a handsome purple) and pickup (a dashing green). Also added more information on the status of each rental
  • [Update] Made the dashboard more mobile friendly. Not 100% there yet, but we’re working on it!
  • [Update] Drastically simplified the renter checkout process on emailed quotes.
  • [Change] Improved the edit pages for reservations, including making insurance more prominent and clearing up some confusion around rental totals and addons
  • [Change] Added rv type/length ordering to the vehicle & calendar pages
  • [Change] Made it more clear why drivers sometimes fail verifications, particularly if they are under the approved age (25)
  • [Change] Made it easier to apply for insurance on all your vehicles by adding more locations to get it done.
  • [Change] Removed quotes you created from the notification widget. We’ll only show you an alert for renter-requested quotes now
  • [Bugfix] Addressed an issue where birthdays weren’t being saved correctly
  • [Bugfix] Addressed some issues with the search interface not performing queries all the time
  • [Bugfix] Some rental types would display as just “RV” on the calendar. No more.
  • [Bugfix] We had some caching issues with our search index that several of you helped us track down. Thanks so much for that!
  • [Bugfix] There was an issue where sometimes a reservation charge wouldn’t complete correctly. All fixed.

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We’re hard at work on some really exciting features that should hit this week, but in the meantime managed to get a few smaller updates out this week. First, you’ll now notice the ability to set pickup and dropoff times on your reservations. You can edit these on a per-booking basis, but we suggest you set some default times in your account settings.

Also out this week is an updated morning pickup report. The report is now broken out by days and includes useful information like addons for pickups and the next scheduled reservation for arrivals. We hope this helps you prioritize your checkins better.

Small Changes & Bugfixes

  • [Update] We’re super excited to announce that we now have automated instant driving checks covering the entire US. Previously, Washington checks required some additional work from both renters and our team.
  • [Bugfix] Approving a reservation on dates that have multiple quotes will now correctly expire the conflicting quotes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where some conversations would mistakenly show that the user had only expired quotes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some nagging issues around making unavailable days available again.
  • [Bugfix] Filters will now correctly clear date files when you click the “clear” button
  • [Bugfix] Front dashboard page will now show all of our departing/returning reservations for each day correctly
  • [Change] We’ve added a link to the correct claim form to your insurance tab

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This week we pushed some new reporting features, most notably a utilization report that shows how your fleet is being utilized across any date range. Checkout the screenshot below

Also released this week is the ability to create reservations that begin the same day as a previous reservation ends. We don’t know how you super-humans manage to flip an RV in just a few hours, but evidently some of you do, and who are we to stop you?

Small Changes & Bugfixes

  • [Update] Transaction report now includes booking IDs and renter names
  • [Update] Customers using our custom websites now have improved quote calendars with accurate availability
  • [Update] Added reservation contracts and files to your renter’s checkout page
  • [Change] We’ve improved reservation deposits to make sure that cancellation policies are always honored
  • [Bugfix] Resend quote button wasn’t always working — sorry about that folks!
  • [Bugfix] Archived conversations caused some issues on renter profile pages — but no more
  • [Bugfix] Renter credits are now accurately displayed in quotes and checkout forms
  • [Bugfix] We’ve addressed some nagging issues with reservations that were taken late at night not showing up on the same day. This one haunted us for a bit, so thanks to everyone who helped track it down
  • [Bugfix] Calendars now display accurate dates at all times
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where sometimes the charts wouldn’t display on reports

Utilization Reports & Same Day Pickup/Dropoff was originally published in Outdoorsy Development on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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