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Grow your business

Our philosophy, and also our commitment, is to empower our users to grow their business by setting them up with the software they need.

Free to use

No trick here, Wheelbase is free to use. Our mission is to help you to grow your business so we can grow with you and keep on offering you great software, leads from Outdoorsy and Premium Services. As simple as that.

Free to use

Online booking engine

Wheelbase comes with an off-the-shelf plug-in which can be installed in pretty much any website in a few minutes. No need to be a web developer to do it, but if you need help to complete your web integration, our team will be here to do it for you.

Add ons optimization

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to offering additional services. But we all understand how key this can be to generate new revenue streams which will make your business more profitable. That's why we designed a very flexible feature so our users can execute their own strategy when it comes to add ons.

Personalize your customer journey​​


There are many growth opportunities out there but consignment is probably one of the hottest topics! If you have ever fallen short of supply one day and could have used a few extra rigs, then consignment might be the way to go. Wheelbase offers specific features to manager consigned units and simplify relations with owners.

Franchise ready

If you're planning to expand your business opening it up to franchise, or simply adding locations, then Wheelbase also has solutions for you. You can add as many locations as you want, automate bank transfers to each of them and even assign each users in those locations specific access rights depending on how you operate your business.