Focus on your customers

Another key pillar of our approach is to enable you to focus on what really makes a difference for your business: your customers.

Save time

Save time
Learn from the Wheelbase community

Wheelbase will make you save precious time by automating many processes and making other day-to-day tasks effortless : end-to-end online booking experience, automatic scheduled charges, custom mail notifications to renters, fleet assignment optimization… you name it.

Powerful Technology

Personalize your customer journey​

Wheelbase is a community solution aiming at providing features which makes sense for most users. But we also understand that each business is unique. That’s why we make sure you keep the flexiblity to customize your experience whenever possible using our custom notification feature, advanced pricing engine or even our multi-language edition tool just to name a few.

Build loyalty​

Build loyalty

Wheelbase enables you to manage your customer base easily. You can leverage your customer data by simply exporting them or by connecting Wheelbase to a 3rd party CRM tool. Wheelbase also enables you to grant credit to your renters which they can use for their next trip.

Learn from the community

Learn from the Wheelbase Community

With over 1,000 companies currentlty using Wheelbase across the globe, each member can capitalize on best practices and business tips. We organize regular seminars for users to share their experience and interact direclty with Wheelbase team.