About Us

Powerful Technology

Until now, RV companies have had very little choice in price, capability and design of the rental software they need to use to run their businesses. Largely because RV rental management software has not been web-enabled, lacks key features and other components, does not include mobile applications and is contained by seriously uninspiring product design. With Wheelbase RV companies improve the way they run their businesses for greater efficiencies in processes and outcomes like increased profitability, time saving and better customer experiences.

Passionate People

This is our team of passionate RV rental management specialists

Jeff Cavins

Co-Founder, CEO

Jen Young

Co-Founder, CMO

Spencer Cavins

Director, Dealer Solutions

Michael Haan

Head of Training

Jack Hogan

Implementation Manager

Hannah Chetkowski

Implementation Manager

Horst Bauer

Training & Support Manager

Lucas Scavone

VP Engineering

JB Bechere

Customer Support

Jessica Grant

Director of Growth

Ryan Quinn

Head of Product

Tyler Bunnell

Lead Developer

Jinsu Mathew

Backend Developer

Dave Laird

Front End Developer

Marcelo Mira

Front End Developer

Pam McLaughlin

VP Finance & Admin

Breanna Furphy

Senior Accountant

Logan Johnston

Community Engagement

Ryan Lum

UI/UX Design

Vidya Kaipa

Product Marketing Manager

Joanina Rn

Marketing Intern

Industry Impact

Wheelbase is a rapidly growing SaaS start-up in San Francisco changing the RV Rental industry. Wheelbase designs and develops technology to improve the guest experience with RV travel nationwide. Our culture is focused on innovation, making long-term progress and having the tenacity to win for our customers.

Wheelbase is a forward-looking, dedicated and active brand. We are proactive in the marketplace, in the tools we develop to service users, our customer service and in our imagining of a new way of travelling.